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About Jon Speich

I'm a licensed, full-time realtor with JPW Realty specializing in residential real estate. My clients trust me to be an expert negotiator and manager who can deliver the most money in the least amount of time with minimal stress. I am passionate about understanding your needs and goals so I can provide tailored advice. I see you not as a transaction or paycheck, but as a person needing genuine help - let's get started today! Reach out to me - I'd love to assist you!

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Navigating the Downsizing Decision: A Financial and Lifestyle Guide for Baby Boomers

The Downsizing DilemmaIn today's real estate landscape, a significant challenge looms over the housing market: the reluctance of baby boomers to downsize from their large family homes. This,

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6 Strategies to Save on Home Insurance Premiums

From wildfires to floods, the past few years have brought a historic number of devastating climate and weather events to the United States. In 2023 alone, there were 28 individual weather-related

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13 Interior Design Mistakes: How to Fix Them

Interior design mistakes can make your home look unprofessional and uninviting. Here are 13 mistakes to avoid and what to do instead according to design professionals:Mistake 1: Furniture Lined Up

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Downsize Your Home, Rightsize Your Life: How to Choose the Ideal Smaller Home

When you've lived somewhere for many years, it can be tough to say goodbye. But if you (or a loved one) currently have a home that is bigger than necessary or is too high maintenance, it may be time

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